Smiling Children Trip
Smiling Children Trip
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Smiling Children Trip

Greatway’s “Smiling Children Trip”, a social activity, organize workers’ children to know their parents work environment, which is including the factory visit, popular science education, civilization etiquette, safety and environmental protection during summer holiday per year. The workers’ children play merrily and would be more harder to study.

Greatway’s “Smiling Children Trip” background introduction:
As lots of other factories, there are lots of production line workers from poor and remote areas in Greatway. They don’t stay along with their children for a long time, only can gather in a hurry during Chinese Spring Festival. Most of the children never come to Shanghai before. In order to express love for the employees’ children, create a chance to broaden their horizons, increase their knowledge, cultivate children's positive and optimistic attitude ,Greatway organize the “Smiling Children Trip” since 2014, which is trip at Shanghai in five days.
The children get a wonderful thematic education, let them feel the community care and grow up healthy in the warm atmosphere.

There are new discoveries every day during five days activities. For children, they not only know dozens small partners, but also see lots of magic things. More importantly, they get new progress every day!

Childhood interesting in trip:
The children are very interested in automatic packing machine at the workshops, which is snapped, packaging is completed, very magical! Children have look on it, feel it amazing. The shelves are full of goods in the finished products warehouse, and how do they be moved up? The children were puzzled and said, "how much effort should be taken to carry it up.!" We asked the staff to operate for the children, They know the forklift truck.

Book shopping date:
We arrange to shop books at the last date,and introduce and buy the Chinese fiction’s four famous works.
The sweet and lovely Greatway children, take us lots of good memories.

Next year, we will organize other “Smiling Children Trip”!

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