Dream Plan
Dream Plan
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Dream Plan

On 25th July,2014, Students representatives from class of science and technology, No.,1 middle school, came to Greatway. The students listened to Greatway’s responsible person to introduce the development history, product technology and visit the production line..

The activity named as “Dream plan”, as it is sponsored by Shanghai Minhang district’s Science and Technology enterprises Union, aiming to help students in poor areas go and know city, feel urban atmosphere, sense technology, enlighten dream. The special class, subsidized by Shanghai Minhang district Science and Technology enterprise Union. The students are all high academic achievers but the family is very poor and unable to afford to finish high school study.

Greatway has participated the charity event since 2012, when together with Shanghai Minhang district Science and Technology Commission and other seven companies, financed the 50 poor students, funded for a period of 3 years, totaling RMB300,000, until they have successfully completed high school.
To broaden students’ horizons, the funders made the “Dream Plan”, let the students representatives visit Shanghai, which benefits for No.,1 middle school to train talents, who will contribute to the state and society’s development.

Let the enterprises participate the charity, their action achieves love, take more care and love for the numerous students, which would make all of us and the sociality more heart smiling.

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