Power Inverter
Power Inverter
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Power Inverter
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  • Power inverter converts 12 Volt DC to 100V/120V/220V/240V AC Pure Sine Wave and modified sine
    "Equipped with features to protect against reverse polarity, overload protection,over temperature protection, short circuit protection,low battery alarm and auto cut off,easy replaceable fuse"
    Different kind of housing ,aluminum, plastic, metal case
    Variable battery connection type:cigarette socket,clips
    Model Picture Output Voltage
    Wave Form
    Continuous Output Peak Output
    INRM150 Modified sine 1*round 150 watts 240 watts
    INRM300 Modified sine 1*round 300 watts 600 watts
    INRM600 Modified sine 2*round 600 watts 1200 watts
    INRM1000 Modified sine 2*round 1000 watts 2000 watts
    INRP600 Pure sine 2*round 600 watts 1200 watts
    INRM1000 Pure sine 1*round 1000 watts 2000 watts
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