Lead-Free Battery Joiner Cable
Lead-Free Battery Joiner Cable
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Lead-Free Battery Joiner Cable
  • Features
  • •  Tin plated brass terminal

    •  Annealed copper cable with PVC insulation

    •  Terminal ends soldered for maximum conductivity and to ensure a solid permanent connection

    Part No. Color Size Length Package
    ACBC5535150B Black 35mm2 150mm Blister
    ACBC5535200B Black 35mm2 200mm Blister
    ACBC5535250B Black 35mm2 250mm Blister
    ACBC5535300B Black 35mm2 300mm Blister
    ACBC5535380B Black 35mm2 380mm Blister
    ACBC5550150B Black 50mm2 150mm Blister
    ACBC5550200B Black 50mm2 200mm Blister
    ACBC5550250B Black 50mm2 250mm Blister
    ACBC5550300B Black 50mm2 300mm Blister
    ACBC5550380B Black 50mm2 380mm Blister
    ACBC5570150B Black 70mm2 150mm Blister
    ACBC5570200B Black 70mm2 200mm Blister
    ACBC5570250B Black 70mm2 250mm Blister
    ACBC5570300B Black 70mm2 300mm Blister
    ACBC5570380B Black 70mm2 380mm Blister
    ACBC5504080B Black 1GA 8” Blister
    ACBC5504120B Black 1GA 12” Blister
    ACBC5502190B Black 1GA 19” Blister
    ACBC5502080B Black 2/0 GA 8” Blister
    ACBC5502120B Black 2/0 GA 12” Blister
    ACBC5502190B Black 2/0 GA 19” Blister
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